Eugene Uman PianoEugene Uman Jazz Pianist

I choose Northern Track again and again because owner/engineer Gary Henry offers us the vision of a musician who knows the needs of his fellow musicians and the temperament of a relaxed person who knows when to assert his vast knowledge and when to stay out of the way. Gary is a great engineer with huge ears; he quickly navigates the board and the computer to facilitate the recording experience.

Gary has prepared a space that is imbued with an atmosphere of comfort and exceptional quality that allows us to do our job: focus on creating music. When one walks into the studio they immediately notice the meticulous touches – the fine woodworking, the carefully wrapped cables, the impeccably maintained, gorgeous sounding piano, the high-end microphones, Neve preamps, etc; It is clear that this studio was designed specifically with the intention of providing musicians with an atmosphere that invites them to create. I have asked studio musicians from New York and Boston to participate in projects here. Upon entering, each person responds the same: “wow, I can’t believe this place!” I encourage any and all to record at Northern Track, you will be glad you’ve made the trip to beautiful Vermont.

Scott Persson DrummerScott Persson SoHo Session Drummer/Sound Designer/Mixer

I found out about Northern Track from a friend in New York City. My band, Edge Park, was looking for a place to cut some basic tracks where we could get away, and just focus. We got that and much more. Gary and Colby were both so amazingly relaxed, and yet professional, that I was immediately put at ease. I’m a recording engineer myself, but when it comes time for me to record, I have to trust someone else to be competent on the other side of the glass. Working with Gary during our four day tracking session was a complete joy. The sounds we got are sweet! Putting my Gretsch drums in the middle of his big, beautiful live room was the prefect storm of drum sounds! I also had excellent lines of sight to my bandmates in the other rooms, so communication was excellent. All in all, it was a win-win for us: great sounds, lots of laughs, a sweetheart of a guy behind the board, and an idyllic Vermont setting to relax in. I’m sold!

allison miller recording studioAllison Miller NYC Session Drummer

Chosen as “Rising Star Drummer” in Downbeat’s 53rd Annual Critics Poll “The superb drumming of relative newcomer Allison Miller revealed that high-quality talent continues to flow into the jazz mainstream” – Don Heckman, LA Times

“the studio had all of the qualities i immediately look for. nice and helpful engineers, great line-of-sight, adequately sized drumroom, warm and cozy design, lots of wood, clean, and a great kitchen nook. oh, and most importantly, killer gear with the sounds to back it up!” – Allison Miller

mario pavone recoding in vermont

Mario Pavone Jazz Bassist

Bassist/composer Mario Pavone, an active jazz performer since the late 1960’s, has enjoyed a long career characterized by fruitful long-term collaborations with Thomas Chapin, Anthony Braxton, Bill Dixon, Marty Ehrlich and most recently guitarist/Playscape founder Michael Musillami.

“I have recorded more than 1/2 dozen cds at Gary henry’s wonderful studio tucked in the hills of Vermont and the experience has always been rewarding. I have recorded in NYC’s best studios and finding a studio equal to these in this setting was exciting. Gary and Colby Dix understand the music!” – Mario Pavone

Eric Nemeyer RecordingEric Nemeyer of JazzImprov Magazine

Eric Nemeyer is a musician who plays the vibes as well as drums and piano and happens to be a publisher as well. He has performed with the likes of Joey DeFrancesco, Hank Mobley, Mark Elf, and a massive list of other notables and has won numerous awards for his compositions. He is the publisher of the widely acclaimed JazzImprov Magazine, a quarterly publication for serious jazz fans and professional musicians.

“I love recording at norther Track. Gary is wonderful and accommodating – concerned about giving you just the sound results you’re seeking, along with helping to make sure that the vibe is extremely supportive…”-Eric Nemeyer

Michael Musillami RecordingMichael Musillami of Playscape Recordings

Michael Musillami, a jazz guitarist of over 20 years, is a producer and the CEO of the Playscape Recordings label. He has played and recorded with the likes of Michael Moore, Thomas Chapin, Ray Drummond, Randy Brecker, Ralph Moore, Claudio Roditi, and many other fine artists. Find out more at:

“I have been fortunate to have recorded with some of the greats in jazz music at some of the most renowned recording studios, such as Rudy Van Gelder Studios in New Jersey, Power Station a.k.a. Avatar, and Sound-on-Sound in NYC. These are beautiful and expensive places to capture the music that we play. In 1998 I was introduced to Gary Henry at Northern Track and this is where I now choose to create and record my music as well as the music of other artists at Playscape Recordings. The sound, vibe, and Mr. Henry make it a place that I highly recommend.” -Michael Musillami

Bill Shontz RecordingBill Shontz of Bear Paw Recordings

For twenty years Bill Shontz was one half of the Nationally acclaimed duo, RosenShontz and has entertained millions of children and their parents throughout the country with his imaginative and witty style of music and humor.

Bill has eight award-winning albums (that have sold over 700,000 copies) and three videos, one of which was nominated for an Emmy.
Bill’s recording, “Teddy Bear’s Greatest Hits” won the 1998 Parent’s Choice Gold Award for excellence in children’s entertainment, the NAPPA Gold Award and is a finalist in the 1998 Children’s Music Web Awards in the Best Music for Young Children Category.
His latest release, “The Day I Read A Book”, is designed to encourage children and families in their love of books and reading, and has won the 1999 Parent’s Choice Silver Award.
“Working with Gary Henry of Northern Track Studio has shown me what the recording experience SHOULD be like. Having recorded in many different “state of the art” studios around the country, I have learned what I don’t like about studios and engineers. Frequently there is a lot of pressure to settle for a compromise, just to stay within the budget, and that is something that colors the whole mood of a session. With Gary I have never felt the need to be a “clock watcher”, because I have always known that he is as interested in the artistic result and the budget as I am. He is never satisfied with “ok” and always understands and strives for the nuances that separate a good recording from a great one. He is willing to go the extra mile, and the final results always show it.” -Bill Shontz

John Ragusa RecordingJohn Ragusa Multi-Instrumentalist

A flutist and multi-instrumentalist based in New York City, John Ragusa performs on a full range of traditional western flutes – from bass to soprano, as well as wood flutes, penny whistles, harmonica, Jews harp, cornet and the conch shell. He has been called “One of todays finest improvisational flutists” by jazz artist Paul Horn and has been featured on many albums and movie soundtracks. He has recorded and performed with Tom Ze, Paul Horn, Rex Fowler, Michael Harrison, Randy Crafton, Rich Goodhart, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, and Rob Mathes. He has provided musical accompaniment to poets, authors, and spoken word artists Shahram Shiva, Deepak Chopra,Jonathan Starr, and Margot Anand.

John has recently released a CD of duets entitled “Beneath it All” with pianist Rob Silvan on the Skyhook Records label, and is recording and performing with Beth Nielsen Chapman from Nashville. You can find out more at
“The facility is state-of-the-art and very comfortable. The piano, mic selection and gear is top-notch. The biggest plus though is the staff. Experience, professionalism, great ears and warmth combine to make a truly relaxed atmosphere where it is easy to focus on the music” -John Ragusa
“Best recording experience ever. Great gear, great setting, great time.” -Rob Silva

Dave Syrotiak of The National Marionette Theater
The National Marionette Theater has been touring the U.S. and Europe for over 35 years. They are a marionette company of the finest order. As well, Dave Sirotiak is renown in Europe as an invited director of marionette productions. The company has always relied upon a top-quality recorded soundtrack for their shows. Find out more at:
“I wouldn’t think of using any other recording studio, I always get what I want.” -Dave Syrotiak

Lou Kannenstine of Boxholder Records
Lou Kannenstein is an executive producer of avant-garde jazz recordings. His catalogue includes Bill Coles Untempered Ensemble, Ken Vandemark, David Bugball and William Parker, Joe McPhee, Konk and many others. He recently came to Northern Track to record Raphe Malik, Cecil McBee, and Cody Moffitt.
“Extremely comfortable and congenial, the ideal place for ensemble recording.” -Lou Kannenstine

Bob Merrill of Sweetspot Digital
Bob Merrill is the studio manager and engineer for Vermont Public Radio in Norwich, VT, and the owner and chief engineer of Sweetspot Digital Recording Studio. In addition, he is a multi-talented performer as well as the composer and producer of a number of pieces for radio, video and film.
“They’ve got a great room, a great vibe and a great piano. I bring all of my critical mixes to Northern Track because of the first-class gear and great ears.” -Bob Merrill

Kayla Black
With 20 years of experience in film and television, Kayla is currently heard by you on a regular basis as she is a top talent in the voice-over field. She has recorded spots for such clients as Chase Bank, AT&T, American Express, Playskool, Motts, Huggies, Ethan Allen, etc;
“Whenever possible, I like to work close to home. At Northern Track, I can work with high end clients in intense sessions, and the personable, easy-going Vermont-style engineering makes it all go smoothly.” -Kayla Black