The Space

Southern VT Recording StudioNorthern Track Recording Studio has creative spaces to help you work more effectively.

The Large Main Room can easily accomodate full bands for a more ‘live’ feel, but we have multiple rooms to sequester performers and instruments as well.

The isolation room that can be seen to the left is a beautifully tuned space that is a favorite for recording drums and percussion. It is large enough to comfortably place a quartet of horns as well.

VT Recording StudiosOur ‘convertible’ isolation room has a wall that can be completely removed for a more ‘open’ session or it can be closed off to offer excellent isolation for vocals, horns, upright bass, or even the grand piano!

High ceilings are another feature of our primary recording space. Beautifully constructed acoustical treatments and hardwood floors make the live room an absolute pleasure to perform in.

Sight lines are of utmost importance and we took great care to contruct a space that allowed for excellent visual communication between performers while maintaining the acoustic character of a professional space.

The loft and basement levels of the studio are also available for further isolation of amplifiers and other instruments that don’t require a direct line of sight, making for a very versatile and accommodating space for any ensemble.